I'm Chelsea, and I'm here to help you tap into your mindfulness.

First up, what's my story? Its got a pretty familiar theme, I'm sure you have heard it before...


A person gets to a certain age, after having lived or behaved a certain way all their life, and they suddenly get a major kick in the pants. They go through the kind of struggle that brings on an avalanche of emotion, and offers up the realisation that they need to make some big life changes.

That's me.

I was living a high-paced life in the corporate world, doing gruelling 12 hour days, then socialising hard with friends and clients, at the same time keeping up my triathlon training before running to yoga to decompress...after which I would drive home to belt out tunes on the piano with one hand, downing tumblers of Hendricks gin with the other. 

Then a miracle happened. Two years ago, after dreaming of having a baby for four years, I got pregnant. This mind-blowing amazing event happened - giving birth to my baby girl - and then the most ironic thing happened, especially for a driven careerist like me. I was slammed, hard, with severe Post Natal Depression. I spiralled out of control and landed myself and my daughter in hospital for 5 weeks of recovery. Fighting the biggest battle of my life. 

The upshot of this adversity, I was now on a mission to work on my inside self. I enrolled back into University to study psychology and neuroscience, became an internationally accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher, a proud ambassador of R u Ok? Charity and The Gidget Foundation and launched my company EQ consulting Co. 

And the really great thing about changing career paths like I have, is that I can coach people in how to live in the moment, develop coping tools for stress, and be more productive. 

Unfortunately, some of us have to experience crushing adversity to set us on the internal path. The good news is you don't have to. You don't end up where I did - in the hospital. 

You can train to realign yourself today. And that's what my job is.

A mum, lover of the outdoors, foodie, and newbie to surfing, I’m always searching for new ways to be in the flow.

— Chelsea


Current studies
Doctorate of Psychology & Neuroscience
Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing

Bachelor of Commerce & Marketing
Guest Lecturer at the University of Wollongong - EQ and Mindfulness
i4 Neuroleader Practitioner
Internationally certified mindfulness meditation teacher
NIDA Body Language

Chelsea had a perfect mix of what to do and why it works (the science bit!). This kept eBay’s people engaged and looking forward to the next class! In fact, it’s the first time I have been on a course where the number of attendees went up after people started hearing about her mindfulness course. Her work has changed our company culture for the better.
Chelsea is accommodating, flexible, approachable and professional. The most valuable trait Chelsea has, is her ability to make the space safe - it was a privilege to watch people from various teams across the business, with varied levels of hierarchy come together into a space that otherwise wouldn’t, to learn, share stories, laugh and even shed the odd tear. We look forward seeing Chelsea again at DEXUS.
Chelsea’s honesty and authenticity captivated a very diverse crowd. The scientific-based advice makes her highly credible in a corporate environment and brings a secular approach to mental wellness. We would highly recommend Chelsea to any organisation that would like to learn more about the link between mindfulness and productivity.