Design a mindful life in just 21 days with Chasing Calm

Turn down the noise and turn up the feel good factor with a course delivered in instalments daily direct to your inbox, expertly engineered to help you design a mindful, healthier and more balanced life.


Clinical research proves that those who practice mindfulness are less anxious, stressed as well as more resilient, calm, fulfilled and energised.

We’re all aware of the benefits, but putting it into practice in the reality of daily life can be challenging.

At EQ Minds, we believe that with the right knowledge, inspiration and support, everyone can lead a more mindful life. That’s why we’ve created our 21-day email course focused on teaching you the foundations of calmness and awareness, creating space to really be in the moment.

One simply can’t finish Chelsea’s course and see the world in the same way.
— Angie Laxton
This course is a transformational journey. I highly recommend this course for anyone who values their wellbeing.
— Shay Chalmers

Backed by science

Our philosophy is based on science and fashioned into a practical and relevant 21-day course to embed this new habit. Our goal is to help you turn down the noise and become a more calm soul. There is no better time than now to invest in yourself.

You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day.
— Unknown

Pay it forward

We also want to pay it forward to Brainwave, an important yet under-recognised charity that supports children with neurological conditions like brain cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and acquired brain injuries. On your behalf, we will donate $5 from each program to this special charity.

Transform the way you live

A 21 day email course that will inspire, motivate and encourage you to design a more mindful & healthy life. It will transform the way you live, love, parent and lead people.

GUT health: The food mood connection is real. A Mindful life is more than being mentally well. Learn how your gut influences your brain.

Sleep: The freedom from anxiety over sleep can be life changing. Learn tips to ensure you are getting the quality sleep you need.

Productivity: When you become more mindful, your productivity and engagement improves.

Happiness: Life creates itself around your mindset and perspective. Embrace positive experiences by being more in the moment.

Rewire your brain: Learn how to train your brain to decrease stress, improve memory and become more fulfilled in life.

Finances: Overcome the brains natural negative bias to money. Learn how being smart with your money opens up opportunities for you to thrive.

Chasing Calm: Design a Mindful Life in 21 Days, will inspire and encourage you. Here’s a list of benefits you get when you sign up:

  • Daily emails with action plans
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily tasks to help you embed the learning from each day
  • Suggested TED talks & podcasts on related topics
  • Suggested reading on relevant topics
  • VIP discounts on all future courses

How does it work? Once you've purchased the course, you'll receive a PDF download. You'll need to click the 'Activate' button which will allow you to register the email which to wish to have the course material sent to each morning.


What do people say?

Loved the Chasing Calm course and am eager to learn more and more about the topics discussed. It was an incredibly informative course and Chelsea managed to fully cover the science of all subjects in a simple, easy to understand way. The supporting Ted talks and videos that were suggested really complemented the course material. My favourite module was definitely the mindful eating.... Food has never tasted so good! I have created a morning ritual which I am sticking to and that ensures I start each day on the right foot so for me the course has really been priceless and I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Chelsea for creating this program and for constantly being an inspiration to me.
I took the Chasing Calm course & loved every minute. Not only did it teach you little things you can do in your day to make some changes to finding that mindfulness but it also gave you information that made sense in how to incorporate it all into your day to day. Ive loved the course & still continue to reread all the information shared. Thank you Chelsea, thank you for the course & your ongoing natural inspiration.

I love Chelsea’s approach as to how we can implement small strategies everyday for our mental health, awareness, mindfulness and self care. I can’t wait for more Chase Calm e-courses. Thank you Chelsea!
Thanks Chelsea, great program and easy to adopt. Love the daily quotes that really get you ‘back in line’ and conscious of your thoughts.

Thanks Chelsea for the Chasing Calm e-course. It takes only a few short minutes each day to clear my head and really get into the different topics. Some amazing ‘food for thought’ topics and information. It is something that I can go back and do over again when I need to find that calm again.
Chasing Calm was packed full of simple tips for a more mindful life. I loved the way Chelsea explained the science and how it relates to our everyday wellbeing. Thanks again!

Thank you Chelsea for your ‘Chasing Calm’ eCourse - I enjoyed the daily reminders and actionable ways to keep a positive headspace in amongst the competing demands and cult of busy in our daily lives. I absolutely will recommend you to my friends and family!
I recently completed the Chasing Calm program and absolutely loved it! I have implemented Chelsea’s strategies into my life and have already seen the benefits. The meditation aspect to the course was the most rewarding and such a great introduction for me. I now feel confident to pass this knowledge onto my children and set in motion a calm mindset for them.

Wow, what an incredible experience! So insightful, practical and educational. Great job Chelsea! Even though I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for 2 years I still learnt so much from these 21 days … I’m actually doing them a second time! For anyone out there that has been procrastinating with getting started with a mindfulness practice because you’ve not been sure how to begin then this is the course for you – no more excuses! ;) Simply commit to making the content of each email one of your top 3 priorities each day for the 21 days and you’ll be rewarded for the rest of your life … just do it!

If the ocean can calm itself, so can you.

— Nayyirah Waheed